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Hope Revealed Episode #35 with Chad and Holly Ockstadt

Hope Revealed Episode #35 with Chad and Holly Ockstadt

January 7, 2020

This power couple is taking all of their skills, talents, abilities and past experiences, putting them all together and serving YOU with their business and it starts at


Today Holly shares a #HopeRevealed in her life that changed the trajectory of everything in her life. Stay tuned for some powerful moments today!! If you would like to discuss how you can be on the show or achieve your #1 goal in life and overcome the obstacles in life blocking you from getting there...

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Hope Revealed Episode #34 with Edward Zia

Hope Revealed Episode #34 with Edward Zia

December 10, 2019

Welcome to another episode of Hope Revealed. Today you will meet Edward Zia, a marketer, and trainer from Australia. Edward was a former Australian Soldier and eventually, a homeless veteran now turned successful marketing coach with clients around the world. You'll soon see through Edward's life that even in dark and difficult times, there can always be a #HopeRevealed

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Hope Revealed Episode #33 with Ben Azadi

Hope Revealed Episode #33 with Ben Azadi

November 26, 2019

#HopeRevealed episode #33 with our special guest Ben Azadi! You may already follow him on #LinkedIn or #Facebook and other social sites and with 3 books out already, you'll enjoy this episode about the benefits of your health and ways in which you can take control in 2020!!

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Hope Revealed Episode #32 with Marc Gawith of Switcher Studio

Hope Revealed Episode #32 with Marc Gawith of Switcher Studio

November 12, 2019

#HopeRevealed with Marc Gawith from #SwitcherStudio is our guest today on Episode #32.

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Switcher Studio is one of the leading software companies for video editing and live broadcasting! What an incredible tool you will absolutely love!!!

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Hope Revealed Episode #31 with Rob Howze

Hope Revealed Episode #31 with Rob Howze

October 22, 2019

Join Matt for another episode (#31) of #HopeRevealed as we welcome our guest Rob Howze to the show.

Rob is an incredible content creator from #LinkedIn and he offers many, many services to the community of the world, to now include Humology which he talks about. You will want to stay tuned to hear some incredible information at the core of Rob's life, his relationship with God and his wife.

Rob share's a powerful time of breakthrough in his relationship with his wife that will no doubt be beneficial to all married couples or those thinking of marriage listening and watching for yet another Hope Revealed.

Visit Rob on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robhowze/

Visit Rob's Website at: http://robhowzespeaks.com/

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Hope Revealed Episode #30 with H.E. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez

Hope Revealed Episode #30 with H.E. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez

October 1, 2019

This Hope Revealed Episode #30 features Manuel Freire-Garabal y Nunez. He is 24 years old and besides being a lawyer, journalist, and professor, in his spare time, he writes books (4 in 2019!) and doing some incredible things around the world! You'll want to tune into this incredible episode!

To visit Manuel's site and learn more you can go to: 


We hope you enjoy this and many of our other episodes of #HopeRevealed.

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And remember, if you ever face a dark time, a place where it seems like there is nothing else you can do or nothing else can happen, there is and will always be an opportunity for a HOPE REVEALED in your life!

Hope Revealed Episode #29 with Chip Baker of The Success Chronicles

Hope Revealed Episode #29 with Chip Baker of The Success Chronicles

September 23, 2019

Episode #29 of #HopeRevealed with Chip Baker of The Success Chronicles a podcast and YouTube show that is bringing hope, help, and inspiration to people all around the world! On this week's episode, we get to take a peek into the life of Chip, this 4th generation educator and find some amazing moments in his life that will absolutely inspire yours!

You can find Chip on YouTube http://youtube.com/c/ChipBakerTheSuccessChronicles

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Hope Revealed Episode #28 Rodney Flowers Get Up

Hope Revealed Episode #28 Rodney Flowers Get Up

September 16, 2019

Rewind the clock to 1993, Rodney was a star high school athlete, determined to impress top college recruiters and secure a spot in the NFL. Football was his ticket to success. He could feel it in his bones, and nothing was going to stop me him from achieving his dream. And then, on the third day of his sophomore year, that dream became a nightmare. A tragic accident left Rodney paralyzed and he would spend 18 years in a wheelchair, that was...

Until he Got Up!!!

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You may, as we all do, face some dark moments in your life, but today's show is just another way to show you out of that darkness through a #HOPEREVEALED!

Hope Revealed Episode #27 with Richard Moore

Hope Revealed Episode #27 with Richard Moore

September 13, 2019

HOPE REVEALED Episode #27 with SPECIAL GUEST: Richard Moore

Richard Moore from the UK is our guest on this episode of #HopeRevealed. Join us as we take a look into his life and his career and how you can learn from some of the choices he has made in his life and from some powerful times that were a Hope Revealed to Richard and now...You! You can find him at https://therichardmoore.com  If you are in need of any help, hope or just need some advice...Feel free to reach out to me at http://www.mattcrump.tv where you'll find great resources, my story, and appointment scheduler. Don't forget...Under every dark moment, you'll find a Hope Revealed! https://lnkd.in/eMB-NT3 #RichardMoore #Business #Marketing #sales #Story #Hope #Freedom #podcast


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Hope Revealed Episode #0024 with Sam Chein

Hope Revealed Episode #0024 with Sam Chein

September 7, 2019

The moment you have all been waiting for!! The spontaneous sporadic sparkle of the scientific soul guru is in the house!!

Join Sam 🌐 Chein and me for 40 minutes of MIND BLOWING NON STOP STUFF!!!

You'll hear things from curiosity to oceans and Fortnite to sugar addiction. Yep...We cover it all in this episode of #HOPEREVEALED You can subscribe to episodes through our site at godsgotthis.podbean.com -or- iTunes as well as subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch current and past episodes as well. BUCKLE UP and get ready for Hope Revealed!